The Art of Creating Simulated Wounds – Sydney Moulage Workshop

Since 2008 the TraumaSim® team have provided trauma simulation, or moulage, to military, industry, emergency services and educational facilities across Australia, United States, South East Asia and the Middle East. Since 2014 we have used this experience to deliver cutting edge moulage workshops for leading professionals in medical and first responder education and training. Moulage…
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Why fear of complacency is changing first aid training and response drills?

Over the last 10 years there has been a discernible change in the way that companies are approaching first aid training and emergency response testing. Mining, Oil & Gas, Agri-Business, Rail, Air and Road transport companies have begun to demand simulated realism in their first aid training and response testing to ensure their responses are…
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10 Years in Images

  • 3 Bernie full body MRE
  • 4 Little People picnic
  • 5 Donkeys Wide Bay
  • 6 Cubic team in wet
  • 46 USA workshop
  • 8 Maurie & NP Watermark
  • 9 Christmas 2012
  • 10 Team in Darwin
  • 11 ready to life cast
  • 13 animatronics
  • 14 skin animatronic head
  • 15 Babies
  • 16 water police job
  • 17 water police job 2
  • Photo: Cameron Laird (Ph: 0418 238811
  • 19 mine site training
  • 20 ETT under poppies
  • 21 ECU research
  • 21 NP & Caesar
  • 36 Field training
  • 22 post job cleanup
  • 23 field work
  • 24 Canberra commissioning exercise
  • 25 Anna & Andrew
  • 26 Cubic team at winery
  • 27 airport sim
  • 39 Andrew
  • 40 RAC Bstreetsmart
  • 41 Leader Dubai 2
  • 42 exhibiting at Arab Health Dubai
  • 44 star picket impalement ECU
  • 45 Cam model USA. 1jpg
  • 2 Tracey and ali. 1jpg
  • 32 Singapore workshop show off the burns
  • 33 Julie 2
  • 34 Julie
  • 31 teaching


Over 10 years we have shared the journey with many people

Chris and Nola - starting out

Bernie the simulated deceased body

Bernie picnicking with the little people

We even get to work with Donkeys

Cubic team enjoying the sunshine

Great friends and staff Tracey and Ali

Teaching at SimGhosts Memphis , at the University of Tennessee

Drinking with Maurie, he didn't say much

The TraumaSim Girls 2012 Christmas Lunch - Ali, Lorraine, Myself and Jax

Out to Lunch in Darwin with TraumaSim's Kevin, Myself, Lorraine and Mel

Preparing Rod for Life casting!!!!!!!!!!!

Rod's head now full of Internal Animatronics

Rod new youthful appearance

Simulated baby - it cries, it screams and it has a remote control

Water Police job with Lorraine

The boat cruise for the day, well actually the police boat we did the moulage task on

Final preparations before the scenario is played out

Mine site emergency rescue activity

Special forces medical training, note non-military role player used

Caesar manikin receiving burns

Edith Cowan University femoral wound being treated by 3rd year paramedic student

Tourniquet trainers help save lives, the poppies remind us why

Simulated airport crash testing emergency response teams, multiple moulaged role players used

Trip to winery with Cubic, you need a break on long activities

The amazing Anna and Andrew

Commissioning exercise for the HMAS Canberra where emergency response was tested

Medic treating a moulaged role player

Cleaning up simulated body parts used on an airport crash simulation

At Arab Health in Dubai in 2018

Our stand as part of Leader Healthcare, our Middle East partners display

Road Safety Campaign filming with RAC

Andrew showing his directing talents as we film a instructional video







Teaching Moulage in Singapore

Singapore moulage students proudly showing off their work

Julie on training activity in Adelaide

Julie pushing medics to face and treat a traumatic amputation

We even manufacture impalement products that are incredibly realistic

Ali and Tracey