Moulage Services

TraumaSim® supports medical and emergency training by providing Moulage Services for emergency or medical scenario training.
Our professional team of moulage technicians and role players add realism by giving your team medically accurate injuries to enhance your training.

We work together with your team to ensure the casualties created are relevant to your site and its particular risks and give your training team the appropriate challenges they require.

All moulage is created with professional special effects grade products with low risk of sensitives. All simulated bloods used easily wash out of most fabrics. Some prosthetic pieces will be created in our workshop prior to the event but the bulk of the injuries will be created directly onto the roleplayers immediately prior to the event.

We work with your volunteer role players or we can provide actors. To enhance the severity of the situation we can provide amputee actors with realistic prosthetic amputation wounds - and even a remote controlled arterial blood pump. This level of realism pushes trainees to a whole new level where they need to confront not only something that is visually challenging but which also requires them to communicate with a seriously injured casualty with compassion in a crisis.

We coach the roleplayers, as we are developing their injuries, in how they should act specifically for their injury set.

Depending on your needs we can provide casualty cards or stickers with vital signs.

TraumaSim® have lifelike simulated babies with built in remote controlled crying systems and realistic deceased bodies that can be incorporated into the scenario where relevant.