Emergency Management Simulation (Moulage)






Medical and Emergency Simulation

TraumaSim® helped to create a realistic simulation of a helicopter crash as part of an Emergency Services’ training activity.

The simulation is designed to push Emergency Services to their limits ensuring that they’re ready for the real thing.

“When we were first confronted, the emergency was realistic… It gave the crews more realistic training to the extent that their training kicks in and it becomes instinctive for us to deal with.” 
Matthew Crowley – Aviation Rescue & Fire Fighting

Note: Actors, manikins and fake blood were used in the simulation. This video could upset sensitive viewers.



TraumaSim® provides services for emergency training scenarios by providing realistic injuries and using live role players or manikins, to enable first responders and health teams to practice their skills in a safe, yet realistic, environment.

We will work with your experts in the field and research actual clinical injuries to recreate realistic injuries that can be found in your work environment and on specific worksites. The realism of the injuries evokes a sense of urgency and impact in trainees which is unsurpassed.

For public emergency responsible entities, including different government bodies and levels, TraumaSim® creates a complete hands-on training environment through single and multiple casualty scenarios such as:

  • Plane, train and automobile accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Bushfire and natural disaster injuries
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Military injuries.