Wounds & Props

Wounds & Props



Our speciality wounds have been developed to enhance your medical and emergency training. For our wound kits and extensive catalogue, please visit our products page.
Custom wounds designed for your specific needs may be available on request.

TraumaSim design and create individual wounds from durable, life-like silicone to your exact specifications. Wounds can be applied to live role players or training manikins to enhance your medical and emergency training.

Wounds are most often used in the areas of:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Paramedical Science
  • Any arena where realistic medical simulation training is paramount.





TraumaSim provides very realistic baby manikins to enhance your training. Moulage may be applied to them or they can be used uninjured but crying.

Adding babies to a scenario scene greatly enhances the training experience as it pushes trainees beyond their usual comfort zone.

The following options are available for the babies:

  • Remote controlled crying capability
  • Eyes open or closed
  • Hair colour
  • Skin colour.




TraumaSim can create specific body parts for your exact training requirements.

We pride ourselves on realistic and anatomically correct work and can achieve this, as body parts are life-cast from actual people. We pay special attention to details such as skin texture, hair, shape and size.

Wound ends are individually created in keeping with the mechanism of separation, such as blast, vehicle accident or industrial wounding.

We have simulated deceased bodies which can be hired to use in your scenarios.