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Moulage Workshops - The Art of Creating Simulated Wounds





Medical and Emergency Simulation

TraumaSim® hold moulage workshops to assist you to enhance the training experience of your first aid, nursing or medical students.

In the video on the left, TraumaSim® and their simulated wounds have been featured on Channel 7 News where Director Nola Pearce can be seen instructing a moulage workshop for delegates from around the world. Watch it to see how we train your staff in the use of moulage.

“Having scenarios and learning environments that are real, are in actual fact a really important part of training.” 
Associate Professor Patrea Andersen – University of the Sunshine Coast



Since 2008, the TraumaSim® team have provided trauma simulation (moulage) to the military, emergency services, educational facilities and various other industries across the country.

Simulation enhances the learning experience of your staff whenever you train in first aid, emergency management or health simulation, as it helps your teams to effective deal with real-life emergencies while staying calm and in control.

We offer these skills as workshops where we teach you to create realistic simulated learning environments to help your trainees gain skills in trauma or wound management so your staff have the opportunity to practice and repeat procedures in safe and controlled situations.

Moulage dramatically improves the outcome of training by adding realism to emergency scenarios in a controlled learning environment where participants have to face the type of actual injuries they might encounter one day in a real-life situation.

While the need for moulage is real and serious, the application of moulage is lots of fun.

During your workshop, we will teach you many techniques to take a live role player or manikin and turn him or her into a realistic casualty, all in a fun and friendly environment.

Workshops can conveniently be held at your own facilities.

Basic or advanced workshops are available and will be tailored to your needs.


TraumaSim® sell a variety of products to support your moulage needs.

We are a registered Ben Nye Moulage Australian Distributor.

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