Our Work

Our Work

Trauma Simulation Group are global specialists in medically accurate trauma and medical simulation solutions.

Trauma Simulation Group includes:

Military Moulage Combat Injury Simulation, based in Virginia USA specialises in military moulage training and moulage products.  MMCIS was created over 10 years ago by twice a Emmy Award Winner and has created global reputation for the professional end of military moulage training and products.

TraumaSim based in Western Australia has over the last decade established itself as a leading global supplier of medically accurate trauma simulation products and moulage solutions. Including over 20,000 casualty simulations in support of defense and emergency services training scenarios.

Trauma Simulation Group are a trusted company who support many industries to prepare their staff for medical emergencies by providing realistic injuries to live role players or manikins enabling first responders and health teams to practice their skills in a safe environment. These realistic injuries evoke a sense of urgency and impact which is unsurpassed. We work with your experts in the field and research actual clinical injuries aiming to recreate these based on the type of injuries that could be seen on specific worksites.

Trauma Simulation Group cater to any industry including:
• Emergency Services
• Military
• Mining
• Process and Manufacturing
• Medical
• Education
• Corporate

Our talents through special effects, life-casting and creation are also used in:
• Film, Television and photography
• Artistic
• Concept development.

TraumaSim® serve many organisations and industries to enhance their training:

  • Defence - Military
  • Medical education
  • Paramedic
  • Police & Security
  • Aviation
  • Mining and Resources
  • Road and Rail Transport
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • First Aid Training and Safety Responders


Counter-terrorism exercize

Brisbane's busiest train yard has been thrown into chaos for a counter-terrorism exercise.

#9News | http://9News.com.au

Người đăng: 9 News Queensland vào 3 Tháng 5 2017


In the video above, TraumaSim® and their simulated wounds have been featured on Win News.